Art education pays off

A couple of days ago, my husband found an online art quiz, Can You Guess the Famous Artist from a Tiny Part of Their Painting?  We scored 96%, missing only two of fifty questions; I had never heard of one artist.

The first two questions were “gimmes”—Van Gough’s Starry Night and Picasso’s cubist painting of a seated woman.

Excerpt from Van Gogh's Starry Night
Excerpt from Van Gogh’s Starry Night


Excerpt from Picasso's Seated Woman
Excerpt from Picasso’s Seated Woman

It looks like years of going to art museums as a child, plus my time in the Art & Design program—including my crash course in Art Appreciation—has paid off! I really appreciate the different styles and can recognize the characteristics of many artists. I would never confuse the works of Jackson Pollock, say, for those of Georgia O’Keeffe! However, if shown a portion of a Picasso cubist work vs. a Bracques work, I might have more difficulty in identifying the artist.