Jill B Gilbert creates brand identities and digital platforms. Our graphic design—aka communication design—and marketing services span several digital and print areas:

Branding & corporate identity  |  Graphics & illustration  |  Typography  |  Package design  |  Intelligent content  | Photography

Branding & corporate identity

brand is a name, term, design, symbol… that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” (American Marketing Association).

Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to cement a company’s identity,  its products or services in the minds of customers. It involves working with clients to understand needs, doing research, developing the brand, implementing and communicating it with target audiences.

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Graphics & illustration

We are a highly visual society, and strong imagery sends a louder message than words alone. Graphics & illustration are especially important for digital and print pieces like infographics, posters, reports, web pages and social media sites.

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Redesign of Nature's Garden website | full-screen
Redesign of Nature’s Garden website | full-screen

Web design may involve pure “front-end” design, user interface (UI) design for a web page, mobile app, social media site or software app, or turnkey design and development of WordPress or HTML + CSS websites.

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Good typography works with imagery to accentuate a design, while poor typography can bury the intended message. Typography services range from business cards, letterhead, brochures and flyers to web design, marketing collateral and reports.

Typography helps send a powerful message to set your brand apart from the competition.”

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Package design

Restaurant branding and packaging campaign | pizza box

Good package design reinforces a company’s brand and distinguishes it from the competition. Services include identifying packaging needs, researching the market, designing and creating packaging. Experience includes retail products, food packaging and restaurant/food service packaging, branding and identity campaigns.

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Intelligent content

A good design needs great content to capture an audience. Having written hundreds of pieces, I  provide intelligent content for websites, white papers, technical articles, reports, blog posts and more. Also, I am a scientific designer who analyzes data to create infographics with impact.


EaDo mural and blue BMW, East of Downtown Houston
EaDo mural and blue BMW, East of Downtown Houston

Images are an important part of a design. Photography services support other services and deliverables, from web pages to printed collateral.

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