Jill B Gilbert is a graphic designer, media artist and photographer

Jill B Gilbert Bio

I am a graphic designer, media artist and photographer with a blend of right-brain creative talent and left-brain technical skills. My freelance graphic design practice follows a rewarding business and marketing career. My colleagues know me as "Jill Barson Gilbert," or "Jill."

I seek interesting and stimulating creative projects in communication design and marketing. I do pro bono work for non-profits and paid project commissions.

I apply design thinking, a creative, solution-based approach to problem-solving. This lets me focus on your needs, identify relevant deliverables, and define successful outcomes. My project management expertise helps to avoid surprises and to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Brand | BHK Child Development
Eclectic Menagerie Park | Truck cab

My background includes Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees. I started my career in environmental, health & safety positions in industry, and then moved on to EHS management consulting, software product management, and software consulting.

I was involved in marketing and graphic design for much of my career. I founded Lexicon Systems, LLC, wrote hundreds of reports, articles, and white papers, and illustrated some of them. I returned to school and and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Art & Design.

Let’s talk… Contact me to discuss your communication design and marketing needs. See my Artist Statement or request a detailed Curriculum Vitae here.