BHK Child Development Selects Jill B Gilbert to Create New Logo and Visual Brand Guide

Jill B Gilbert is pleased to be selected to refresh the logo and create a visual brand guide for BHK Child Development, Inc. This early childhood care and education non-profit serves three rural counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

The new BHK logo incorporates a tree to symbolize children and growth and to reflect the natural surroundings in which many of the non-profit’s programs take place. The new color palette includes soothing blues and greens with dark gray. 

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Working with Jill on our visual brand guide was our first Catchafire project and it was a great experience. Jill's expertise, feedback, and consistent communication resulted in a product that we are very pleased with and excited to put into use.
Cheryl Mills
Executive Director, BHK Child Development Board, Inc.
Working with BHK Child Development was one of my first “fully remote” graphic design projects. Once I determined their needs and provided design concepts, they were responsive and provided clear and open feedback. I was happy to deliver a refreshed logo and a brand guide that will take their organization into the future. I enjoyed working with Cheryl and Marcy.
Jill B Gilbert
Graphic Designer